Gutter Repair in Eugene, OR

Even small damages to a gutter system can create big problems. That’s why it’s so important to keep your entire rain gutter system in good condition. At Fountain Gutters, we understand this better than anyone, because we’ve seen the trouble damaged gutters can bring with them. It’s also why we take point on providing complete gutter repair in Eugene, OR.
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Pinpointing Problems

Your gutter system may look like it’s in good condition, but the real problems are the ones you might not be seeing. Hidden cracks at the corners, gaps in segments or gutters that are off-kilter may appear normal… until it starts raining!
Our team works to find these problems before they start to affect your home or business. We thoroughly inspect every segment of your guttering system, pinpoint areas of weakness or damage so they can be repaired properly. We’ll find problems before the rain exploits them.


Downspout Repairs

In addition to rain gutter repair in Eugene, OR, we also fix downspouts that may not be functioning effectively. Our team will tell you if your downspouts are in good condition, if they’re depositing water far enough away from your building’s foundation, and whether or not there’s any leakages.

If anything needs to be repaired or serviced, count on us to do it.

Custom Repair Solutions

At Fountain Gutters, we’re all about providing our customers with tailored solutions when it comes to their gutters. We work hard to ensure any repairs being made are beneficial to your entire watershed system, and that we’re delivering solutions that solve your problems long-term. Count on us to protect your home or business.

If you’ve got damaged gutters or suspect a problem with your gutters or downspouts, waste no time in giving us a call at 541-729-9515. We’ll gladly provide you with the expertise needed to restore the integrity of your gutters.
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